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building A – Y

November 30, 2011


‘alphabet building’ by MVRDV, amsterdam, the netherlands
images courtesy of MVRDV

sale has begun for units in MVRDV‘s ‘alphabet building’. the structure, ideally located in amsterdam’s
minervahaven neighborhood is intended for small to mid-size creative agencies who often have trouble
finding suitable office space.

looking to become an incubator of creative ideas, the design features a series of spacious loft-like units and a
highly graphic exterior aesthetic. situated on a relatively small site of 30 x 30 meters, the building consists of
a transparent parking plinth with a solid office block on top. twenty-five exaggerated letters define both the
exterior aesthetic and interior composition, which is organized as a grid behind each opening.
each measuring 128 square meters, the flexible spaces can be sold individually or as a series of letters —
design studio thonik has already reserved their portion of the building, which extends from letters A to F.

office space

inside, rough and pure finishes follow the demand of the companies. large, exposed spaces with high ceilings
and neutral materials – such as concrete, aluminum and steel – appeal to the creative class and act as a blank
canvas ready for adaptation.

the ‘alphabet building’ is scheduled for completion sometime in 2012.

office space

main stairway

courtyard on west side of structure

‘alphabet building’

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